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  • 採用防水材料製成,透氣網窗確保空氣流通
  • 5 種佩戴方式(單肩、斜挎、背包、吊帶和綁在汽車上作為汽車座椅)
  • 內設零食口袋,可以放入零食並引導寵物進入
  • 各種內袋設計,可用來存放手機、文件和其他物品
  • 底部採用加厚設計
  • 側面有窗口設計供打開
  • 側窗用磁鐵設計作開關,方便使用


當我們收到訂單後, 貨品會於3 個工作天內以順豐方式寄出。 


LNPB home design Pet Carrier/Backpack

  • Made with water resistant materials, breathable net windows to ensure airflow
  • Can be worn 5 ways (Shoulder, Cross-body, Backpack, Sling and tied to car as car seat
  • The little treat pocket was designed for owner to leave small treats and guide your paw to go inside without any struggle
  • Many small pockets have been built for storage of phones and other items
  • The bottom of the bag is made of a double-sided flooring that caters for winter and summer usage
  • The side window of the bag is designed with padding for your paw to rest its head comfortably during your commute
  • The side window can be closed with magnets to conceal your paw for different usage scenarios


Product will be sent out by SF Express within 3 working days after order received.


Mayo Carrier

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