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  • 先洗後護 一步到位,雙重滋潤保濕,與乾枯毛髮Say Goodbye

  • 免洗同時護理毛髮和皮膚

  • 短毛或皮膚敏感犬專用

  • Natural DeoPlex植物蛋白酶,有機物理除臭

  • 蘊含歐洲赤松提取液、山茶花精油及氨基酸成分,養護保濕二合一


         歐洲赤松毛髮皮膚調理液: 130 ml 

         適用對象: 短毛或皮膚敏感的犬

         保存期限: 3年

         氣味: 前調 - 赤松, 中調/尾調 - 迷迭香、金盏花

         質感: 輕盈乳液狀



  • Packed with natural essential oils, this Conditioner will give your pet a luxurious shine, soothe and hydrate its skin, and relieve stress

  • Designed for For dogs with short coat, wired hair / sensitive skin


         Conditioner with Scots Pine: 130 ml 

         For dogs with short coat, wired hair / sensitive skin

         Shelf life - 3 years

Amo Petric - 歐洲赤松皮膚&毛髮調理液護毛素(短毛犬用) 130ml

HK$146.00 一般價格
  • 有機歐洲赤松精油、有機冷杉松針精油、有機山茶花油、有機葡萄籽油、有機迷迭香萃取液、甘草萃取液、金盞花萃取液、復合氨基酸、Natural DeoPlex植物蛋白酶

    Organic Scots pine essence oil, organic Siberian Abies fabri needle essential oil, organic camellia flower oil, organic grape seed oil, organic rosemary extract, liquorice extract, marigold extract, Natural DeoPlex enzymes, hyaluronic acid

  • 1. 擦乾 - 擦千毛髮多餘水分

    2. 按摩 - 擠壓適量Amo Petric皮膚毛髮調理液於掌心按揉搓熱

    3. 塗抹 - 逆著毛髮生長方向均勻的塗抹在寵物的毛髮和皮膚上

    4. 吹乾 - 無需沖洗,直接吹乾寵物毛髮。

    * 本產品易吸收,請適量使用,避免造成黏膩

    * 搭配Amo Petric 輕質沐浴露使用,護理效果更佳

    1. Dry off - Pat dry excess moisture from the fur.

    2. Massage - Squeeze an appropriate amount of Amo Petric skin and coat conditioner onto your palm and rub it to generate heat.

    3. Apply - Apply evenly to the pet's fur and skin, going against the direction of hair growth.

    4. Blow-dry - No need to rinse, simply blow-dry the pet's fur.

    ** This product is easily absorbed, please use it in moderation to avoid stickiness.

    ** For better results, use in combination with Amo Petric lightweight shampoo.

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