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  • 長毛/長捲毛犬/毛髮乾枯犬用
  • 6大“0”添加沐浴露,成分天然、溫和,給寵物更安心的體驗
  • 六種純天然有機植物萃取
  • 深度滋潤、平滑柔順


         乳木果輕質精油沐浴露: 450 ml 

         適用對象: 長毛/長捲毛犬

         保存期限: 3年

         氣味: 乳木果、膠冷杉、草本芳香

         質感: 低泡沫透明凝露


  • For Long-haired and curly-haired dogs

  • ​Sulfate-free, alcohol-fre,soap-free formula, free of phthalates, artificial colorants, and animal-derived ingredients

  • Nourish dry, rough fur, and provide deep care for the skin

  • Lightweight essential oil that balances skin pH.


         Shampoo with Shea Butter Light Essential Oil: 450 ml

         For Long-haired and curly-haired dogs

         Shelf life - 3 years

Amo Petric - 乳木果輕質精油沐浴露(長毛/長捲毛犬用) 450ml

HK$199.00 一般價格
  • 有機乳木果油、有機西伯利亞冷杉精油、有機山茶花油、有機葡萄籽油、有機金盞花精萃液、有機迷迭香精萃液、有機紓敏成分、小、大分子透明質酸、複合胺基酸

    Organic shea butter, organic camellia flower oil, organic grape seed oil, organic marigold extract, NaturalDeoPlex enzymes, hyaluronic acid, and complex amino acids.

  • 1. 塗抹 - 以溫水將狗狗毛髮打瀑,取滴量沐浴露淦抹至手髮上

    2. 按摩 - 輕輕按摩狗狗的身體5-8分鐘,以清潔、吸收

    3. 沖洗 - 以溫水沖洗泡沫,再以毛巾擦拭,最後吹乾毛髮

    * 本產品無需稀釋,額外附贈起泡網,方便清洗


    1. Apply - Wet your dog's fur with warm water, take a suitable amount of shampoo and lather it in your hands.

    2. Massage - Gently massage your dog's body for 5-8 minutes to clean and promote absorption

    3. Rinse - Rinse off the foam with warm water, then towel dry, and finally blow-dry the fur.

    * This product does not require dilution. A foaming net is provided for easy cleaning.

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