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  • 由中醫獸醫開發的草本產品,遵循身體內部平衡的原則,重新平衡失衡的狀態;
  • 例:以「降火」的藥物可以應用於對抗體內的熱症狀(如紅腫皮疹);
  • 獨特配方幫助恢狗狗皮膚和耳朵內部過度滋生真菌(酵母)所產生的特定症狀和失衡,讓酵母開始以正常的方式生長和繁殖時,才會引起不必要的症狀。


  • 強烈的瘙癢 (解爪墊間的瘙癢/啃咬腳掌,搔抓耳朵/肛門區域/鼻子/眼瞼)
  • 皮膚刺激和炎症(特別是在耳朵周圍、爪墊、趾間、鼻子褶皺、肛門區域、頸部和腋下);
  • 皮膚發紅,潰瘍,黏性分泌物,甚至脫毛;
  • 嚴重者皮膚有惡臭,甚至耳朵流出黃色/綠色分泌物(帶有霉味)



What is Derma Support Gold?
Derma Support Gold is an herbal product developed by a veterinary doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for dogs with excessive yeast on their skin surface.


The formula's action is based on the specific symptoms and imbalances that canines experience with fungal (yeast) overgrowth on the skin and inside the ears.

This unique formula can help restore the correct balance of yeast, a fungal organism that is normally present on healthy dogs' skin and inside the ears. It is only when the yeast starts to grow in an abnormal way and over proliferate that it will cause unwanted symptoms.


What is Derma Support Gold Used For?

All dog breeds can be affected by yeast overgrowth on the skin (also called Malassezia dermatitis) but the condition is more common in certain dog breeds: Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels, Dachshunds, Poodles, Chihuahuas, Maltese and some terriers (Silky Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and Australian Terriers).


The herbs in Derma Support Gold are potent and are formulated to help symptomatically and to also address the underlying imbalance.

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine model, a yeast overgrowth on the skin is known as a 'Damp Heat' skin condition. Damp Heat can be exacerbated by external sources (poor diet or food allergies) and/or internal sources (such as stress). Damp Heat conditions are generally slow to resolve and this should be taken into consideration. A ""quick fix"" is generally not going to fully resolve this type of skin issue for the long term.

In Damp Heat conditions, an herbal formula works to ""detoxify and cool the blood"". This description is particular to a TCM model and approach which can be more effective than anything else when treating this type of disorder.



Pet Wellbeing ▏Derma Support Gold - for Dog Healthy Coat, Odor & Itching 針對皮膚酵母菌

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  • 主要草藥成分 (抗氧化,抗炎,,清熱燥濕,解毒利濕):
    - 黃芩根、黃柏皮、苦參根、地黃根、土茯苓、車前子、蒲公英、旋覆花


    Derma Support Gold is Formulated With:

    • Baikal Skullcap root (Scutellaria baicalensis)
    • Phellodendron bark (Phellodendron chinense)
    • Sophora root (Sophora flavenscens)
    • Rehmannia root (Rehmannia glutinosa)
    • Chinese Smilax root (Smilax glabra)
    • Plantain seed (Plantago asiatica)
    • Knotweed aerial parts (Polygonum aviculare)
    • Summer Cypress fruit (Kochia scoparia)

    ... 500 mg per ml

    Herbs are selectively imported and tested for purity.

    Inactive ingredients: Deionized water, natural bacon flavor, vegetable glycerin.

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